Where to begin?

Once I finally made the commitment to myself and my family to start to learn about herbs and natural living I had no clue where to get started.  There are bazillions of books, websites, blogs and articles written about hebalism, herbs, clean living. I was overwhelmed and very quickly felt defeated because THIS mom of 4 was not learning fast enough, studying hard enough or making enough changes in our daily life for HER taste.  Well, do we live our lives to do things or to live things?  I am very much a believer in the process as much as the end result.  So, I started with two things.  Pick an herb/spics a week and “play” with it and learn all I can about the science of the herbs.  Maybe it’s the geeky girl in me, but it wasn’t enough to know if the herbs/spices made me feel better or helped my life, but I wanted to know why.  Why Why Why! Very important question.  An herbal journey starts at a certain point in ones life, but it continues as long as it is cultivated till the day of our last breath.  I hope you will join me in this journey to learn how to live a cleaner life and to build knowledge on all things around us.


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